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Teigan Baker, Photographer

The apertures, the shutter speeds, the lighting and the lenses: all of these are important when composing a photograph. Yes, the technical aspects of photography make up the bones of an image... but the ability to capture sincere, goosebump-inducing moments between human beings is what exposes the soul of a photograph. Uncovering the honest, the spontaneous, the unembarrassed, the BEAUTIFUL pulse of life is what we're all about.

Teigan has been enthralled by photography since she was young, with her mother, a retired photo-journalist, to thank for the interest. She dove into photography during her adolescence by following her friends around with her camera constantly, and eventually learned some darkroom and composition basics in high school. She decided that Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario, would be an ideal school to pursue her passion and completed the photography program in 2009.

Her travels throughout these past few years have been filled with the eye-opening and challenging adventures she had been craving. Backpacking in Southeast Asia for 3 months transformed her attitude to life and helped her grow in inexplicable ways. A month long journey across Canada was freeing and it enstilled a new sense of pride for her own country. A month spent exploring Central Europe was rich with astounding architecture and history. 2 months spent in India were the most challenging of all - but with struggle comes clarity. Her love for the art of photography is continually growing and blossoming.

Pulse Photography is based in Guelph, Ontario, but because of Teigan's love for adventure - she would also be thrilled to travel. She considers the act of capturing your life's pulse to be the most beautiful and fulfilling way to live her own life.

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Teigan Baker
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